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How to Wear Maxi Dresses in the Winter

It’s safe to say that maxi dresses are a staple of summertime. Light and easy to wear, these flowing garments look stunning on a sunny day.

Of course, when the first cold snap rolls around, these airy dresses may not feel quite as freeing and fun.

Don’t give up on your favorite warm-weather dresses! With the right styling, it’s easy to wear maxi dresses even in cold weather. Let’s take a look at a few key ways to pull off the perfect winter look.

Start With Winter Layering

If you’re wearing a thin maxi dress, layering is the name of the game.

Keep warm by throwing a long-sleeved shirt or turtleneck on under a sleeveless maxi dress. In addition, wearing tights or leggings underneath it can add some cozy layers to your outfit as well. For a fashion-forward look, try wearing playful statement pants for an extra-warm burst of style.

Find the Right Coat

Depending on where you’re headed, the right coat can elevate or dress down your look.

A simple fitted blazer can add a professional flair to your winter fashion, while a cropped leather jacket can help you achieve an edgier look.

Want a go-to method of styling your winter maxi dress for the icy cold outside? A longer puffy jacket, trench coat, or wool coat will play nicely with the length of a maxi dress.

Experiment With Prints

Missing your cute floral dress in the colder months? Mixing prints and patterns is a major fashion trend right now, so don’t hide your favorite dresses away in your closet! 

Try matching the colors of your dress with the pattern of a coat or scarf, or use a subtle turtleneck to play with the louder design of your dress. Get cute boho dresses here and start mixing and matching!

Play With Your Proportions

When you wear dresses in winter, playing with proportions is key. The longer outline of a maxi dress can be tricky to manage when you’re throwing on a coat. Shapeless winter coats can swallow up your look, making your silhouette seem boxy or boring.

One easy trick to combat this is to cinch your waist with a belt over a coat or jacket. This can offer an extra touch of glam while adding interest to your silhouette.

Accessorize Well

Though flats and sneakers are a great way to dress down a maxi dress in warmer weather, they may not cut it in the winter. When it’s cold outside, boots are your best bet when accessorizing a maxi dress.

Timeless ankle boots in the Chelsea style offer an easy day-to-nighttime look. If you’re searching for an edgier style, try a street-style combat boot or rebellious faux leather boots instead. Heavy winter boots can also add a fun contrast to a feminine maxi dress.

Make The Most of Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are floaty and fun, but they’re not just for summer anymore! With the tips above, you’ll have no trouble styling your favorite dresses all winter long. Be sure to layer up!

Want more of the fashion tips and tricks you need to know? Be sure to take a look at our other posts for additional guides.

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