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Lip Gloss vs Lipstick: What Are the Differences?

Are you looking to update your makeup collection? Perhaps you’re looking to take your beauty routine to the next level. Consider exploring the options of lip gloss vs lipstick before making a decision.

In recent years, lip products have gained traction as a symbol of self-love and expression for many. The growth of the natural beauty movement and social campaigns such as “eat vegan/eat clean/be clean” and “less is more” showcase the popularity of casual, natural looks and products.

But everyone has their favorites, and lipstick seems to be one of them. Is lip gloss simply a type of lipstick that comes in different packaging?

To find out, keep reading to discover the differences between lip gloss vs lipstick.

Differences in Texture

Lip gloss and lipstick both have their own unique textures. Lip gloss is typically more slippery and wet-feeling than lipstick. Lipstick is usually more creamy and dry.

The differences in texture can make a big difference in how the product feels on your lips and how it performs. Lip gloss is usually more comfortable to wear, but it doesn’t last as long as lipstick. Lipstick can sometimes be drying, but it usually has a longer-lasting formula.

Color Payoff

Lip gloss and lipstick come in a variety of colors. Lipstick is typically more pigmented than lip gloss, which gives it a more vibrant color. Lip gloss is usually sheerer than lipstick and can be used to add shine to the lips.

Lipstick is typically matte or semi-matte, while lip gloss is usually shiny. Lip gloss can also be used to give the lips a plumping effect.

Staying Power 

Lip gloss and lipstick are both popular choices for adding color and shine to the lips, but there are some key differences between the two.

Lipstick generally has more pigment and color than lip gloss and can therefore provide more coverage. Lip gloss has a typically thinner consistency, is shiny, and can be easier to apply than lipstick. When it comes to staying power, lipstick typically outlasts lip gloss, though both will need to be reapplied after eating or drinking.

Packaging Wise

Lip gloss and lipstick come in a variety of packaging, from tubes and pots to sticks, and packaging can vary significantly in terms of price and quality. Lip gloss is typically packaged in a tube or pot, while lipstick is usually in a bullet-shaped tube.

More affordable brands tend to have less durable packaging. While higher-end brands have packaging that is more luxe and often reusable, like custom lip gloss boxes and lipstick bullets. When it comes to application, lip gloss is applied with a doe-foot applicator, while lipstick is applied with a bullet-shaped applicator.

Price Point

When it comes to using lip gloss and lipstick, one of the main differences is the price. Lipstick typically costs more than lip gloss, but there are also more expensive lip glosses and less expensive lipsticks.

In general, though, lipstick is going to be the more expensive of the two options.

Distinguish Lip Gloss vs Lipstick

Lip gloss and lipstick each have their own unique benefits that can make your lips look their best. Experiment with both to see which you prefer, or use them both to create a custom look.

Now that you know the difference between lip gloss vs lipstick, choose the right formula for your needs and desired look!

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