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How to Ensure Concert Security

Supporting art is great for society. It gives artists a way to express themselves and earn a living and can stimulate the economy. Music is a form of expression that is intertwined with the human spirit. 

Concerts are a $51 billion industry. If you are thinking of hosting a concert, hiring event security is a big step that you need to take care of. 

The tips below will help match you with the concert security that you need for your event. 

Study the Venue Layout

Learn the layout of the venue where you’re holding the concert. Knowing the layout lets, you put security in the correct places, set up barricades, direct the flow of traffic, and more. 

Arenas, theaters, and other venues have specific layouts that they’ll use depending on the type of event. An arena like Minneapolis’ US Bank Stadium has a certain layout for Minnesota Vikings games and other layouts for concerts, conventions, and monster truck shows. 

Know How Many Guests You’re Expecting

When you’re considering your need for security at concerts, figure out how many guests you’re expecting to attend. Early ticket sales are the best indicator. 

Study how many tickets the artist has sold in other cities before the upcoming date. By knowing the number of guests that are showing up, you can staff the right amount of security professionals to keep order. 

Staff Professional Security

The most important part of event planning security is finding a qualified company. Many concert promoters choose to work with professional security companies and off-duty police officers so that they have the highest skilled and competent professionals available. 

Decide whether you want armed security or security professionals who carry tasers, pepper spray, stun guns, or other non-lethal weapons. 

Licensed, professional security companies can even lend you a drug sniffing dog for hire to make sure narcotics aren’t brought into the venue. Research the quality, training, and credentials of the security company to know they’re equipped to protect people and lives at your event. 

Secure Entries and Exits

You should work with concert security companies because they’re also skilled at controlling the flow of traffic. Security professionals will safeguard entries and exits, block out sections where concertgoers shouldn’t wander, and make sure that lines are single file and in order. 

Put security professionals at each door and have them patrol different hallways and areas of the concert. Post metal detectors or have security pros use a wand. Entry and exit points should be organized and speedy. Congestion can lead to chaos and danger for your event. 

Hire Excellent Concert Security

Hiring professional concert security will help you make sure that people and property are protected. Reach out to at least three different security professionals to know what kind of work they offer and to get the best help available. 

This keeps your concert safe so it can be a smashing success. 

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