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Nasomatto Perfumes Review

Nasomatto Perfumes are modern and rich and reflect the designer’s love of fragrance. Their concentrated formulas have impressive staying power. Plus, they’re packaged in gorgeous architectural bottles, with wooden cap tops. Read on to discover what makes Nasomatto Perfumes unique and why you should try them.

You can visit the official website of allaviolettaboutique.com to buy Nasomatto Perfumes. Alla Violetta Boutique via Bernini 27 in Naples is certainly the oldest perfumery in Italy and among the two oldest in Europe still in business. Born in 1911, it began to shine at the end of the 60s, under the guidance of Mrs. Lydia Attianese, where at the end of the 90s she imposed the Alla Violetta brand both locally and nationally.

Nasomatto Blamage

Launched in 2014, Nasomatto Blamage is a perfume that was created blindfolded. Its scent is composed of white wood, birch, leather, and musk. It is named after the German word for shame, and blame. In other words, it’s a scent that can make you feel bad about yourself. Unlike many perfumes, Blamage is completely unique and extremely refined. The scent opens with a fruity/citrusy accord, and a touch of white wood. It then evolves to a powdery accord, and a moderate dry-down projection.

Narcotic V

Narcotic V by Nasomatto is a spicy floral scent that is suitable for daytime wear and is a long-lasting feminine perfume. It contains notes of jasmine, tuberose, lily, and a variety of spices. It is a great scent for any occasion and one that is sure to please a wide range of women. The scent of Narcotic V is one of Nasomatto’s most popular fragrances. It combines white flowers with hints of animalic notes, creating a mysterious and seductive aroma. It is a favorite among women who want to feel powerful and seductive without being overbearing.

Black Afgano

Black Afgano Nasomatto is a narcotic-inspired perfume with notes of cannabis and oud. The scent evokes the dark and sinister aura of a lifelong pothead, with the smell of marijuana mixed with the smell of incense used to mask it. The fragrance is not suitable for sensitive skin, but for those who like dark, mysterious scents, it might be the right choice.

The scent is hypnotic and complex and is suitable for both special occasions and everyday wear. Its unique combination of top notes, middle notes, and base notes makes it a distinctive scent that will make you stand out from the crowd. Women who love oriental fragrances, they will surely become a favorite.

Black Afgano Extrait de Parfum

The Nasomatto project has produced a new scent, Black Afgano Extrait de Parfum. This scent aims to capture the essence of the best hashish. It is an attempt to capture the blissful experience of temporary euphoria.

This fragrance combines coffee, cola, medicinal oud, fig, and nutty labdanum. The scent is not particularly strong or pronounced. The dry-down is more subdued than the opening, with the notes blending into a soft bouquet. However, some consumers have a problem with the synthetic notes, noting that they smell like rubbing alcohol. Others have also noted the aroma of Ambroxan and various other unpleasant chemicals. One person compared it to latex paint.

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