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Zion Mixolydian Cannon: An Amazing Voice And Performer

Zion Mixolydian Cannon is an artist that I found through a friend of mine who I like to share music with. I was blown away by his voice, and the way he can mix genres so well. If you were ever wondering why there is such a thing as “Universal Music” this is why – because Zion’s voice transcends all the labels we try to put on it.


When you talk about Zion Mixolydian Cannon, you are talking about one of the most amazing voices and performers in the world. Hailing from a small town in upstate New York, Zion has been making a name for himself ever since he burst onto the music scene with his debut album “The Great Escape” in 2016.

Since then, Zion has been wowing audiences all over the world with his incredible voice and dynamic stage presence. He has performed at some of the biggest music festivals, including Coachella and Bonnaroo, and has even headlined his own sold-out tours.

There is no doubt that Zion Mixolydian Cannon is one of the most talented artists out there today. If you haven’t had a chance to see him live, you are truly missing out on an unforgettable experience.


Zion Mixolydian Cannon is an amazing voice and performer. She has been singing since she was a child and has always had a passion for music. Zion has been in many bands and has toured the world with her music.

She has a unique style that blends R&B, soul, pop, and rock. Her voice is powerful and soulful, and she has the ability to connect with her audience on a deep level. Zion is a true artist who puts her heart and soul into her music.

Early Life

Zion Mixolydian Cannon was born on January 1, 2001, in Atlanta, Georgia. Zion’s parents were both professional singers, and her mother was a music teacher. Zion began singing and taking piano lessons at a young age.

She sang in her school choir and performed in local talent shows. When she was thirteen, Zion won a national singing competition. This led to her being signed by a record label and moving to Los Angeles to pursue her music career.

Zion has released two albums, “Songs of My Soul” and “Rising Star.” She is currently working on her third album. Zion’s music is a mix of soul, R&B, pop, and hip-hop. She has collaborated with many famous artists, including Kanye West, Justin Bieber, and Drake. Zion is an amazing singer and performer. She has won numerous awards, including three Grammy Awards.

Current Life

Zion Mixolydian Cannon is an amazing voice and performer. She is currently a student at the Juilliard School in New York City. Zion has been singing since she was a child and has always had a passion for music. She has performed in various venues across the country, including the Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall. Zion’s talent and hard work have earned her many accolades, including being named a “Rising Star” by the New York Times.

Zion’s love for music extends beyond just performing. She is also a songwriter and has released her first EP, “Songs From The Heart.” Zion’s hope is that her music will inspire others to follow their dreams and pursue their passions.

Musical Influences

As a musical artist, Zion has been inspired by a wide range of music, from pop and rock to classical and jazz. Her influences can be heard in her unique blend of styles, which she calls “Mixolydian cannon.”

Some of the artists who have influenced Zion’s music include Adele, Alicia Keys, Billie Holiday, Whitney Houston, and Aretha Franklin. She has also been inspired by classical composers such as Bach and Beethoven, as well as jazz greats like Miles Davis and John Coltrane.

Zion’s ability to mix different styles together is what makes her sound truly unique. She has said that she wants her music to be “an expression of [her] soul,” and that is exactly what it is. Zion’s music is heartfelt and soulful, with a touch of undeniable flair.


Zion Mixolydian Cannon is an amazing voice and performer. She has been influenced by a wide range of artists, including Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, and Stevie Wonder. Zion’s vocal style is a mix of soul, R&B, gospel, and pop. Her performances are high energy and full of life.

She is a true entertainer who knows how to work for a crowd. Zion’s music is uplifting and inspirational. It makes you want to get up and dance. Her voice is powerful and soulful. She is a talented songwriter and her lyrics are honest and real.

Zion is an artist who is truly passionate about her craft. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Her fans are loyal and supportive. They believe in her talent and know that she has what it takes to make it in the music industry.

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