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How to Save on Car Insurance for Teenagers

Did you know that American households are spending over $5,000 each month? If you’re already draining your savings, the last thing you want is an expensive car insurance policy for your teenage driver. Fortunately, there are ways to pare down those costly insurance premiums.

Read on to learn how to save on car insurance for teenagers!

Choose a Safe Vehicle

If teenage drivers are behind the wheel of sports cars, expect to pay more for insurance coverage. High-risk vehicles tend to come with higher auto insurance premiums.

Your better choice is to set your teen driver up with a safe and reliable vehicle. In fact, your insurance company may designate certain models as go-to options when it comes to safety. 

At the very least, choose a vehicle with airbags, power steering, and functional seatbelts. Even if you think you can save money going with an old junker of a car, think twice. A newer SUV or sedan could translate to better insurance premiums. 

Keep the GPA Up

Is your teenage driver a good student? If they’ve let their grades slide lately, it’s time to tell them to hit the books. Better grades could translate into around 10% savings on auto insurance. 

They don’t have to get straight As to achieve this discount, either. Even a B average could be enough. Talk with your insurance agent about discounts for good grades.

Go with a Bundled Policy

You can save on car insurance by opting for a bundled policy. You may want your child to take fiscal responsibility for their insurance premium. But you can save everyone money by going with family car insurance plans.

Individual policies tend to be more expensive. Even with the added expense of a teenage driver, you’ll still save money with a bundled plan. And you can always make your teen driver pay their share!

Compare Car Insurance Rates

It’s rarely a good idea to take the first car insurance offer that comes your way. Instead, gather quotes from multiple companies before making a selection.

Ask about available discounts. And be open about the fact that you’re talking with other agents. You might just be able to score a better deal!

Practice Safe Driving Habits

With 4.4 million injuries from road accidents each year, defensive driving has never been more critical. If your teen maintains a safe driving record, you can save on car insurance. A blemish-free record will show that your teen is responsible and low risk. 

Set the tone for your child by practicing safe driving habits. Never speed and obey all traffic signals. When you drive safely, there’s a better chance your teen will follow suit. 

Save Money on Car Insurance for Teenagers

Car insurance for teenagers can be a costly expense to add to your lineup. But if you go with a bundled plan and safe vehicle, you can trim costs. Additionally, do some comparison shopping first and make sure your teen is a safe driver. 

Find more tips to save on car insurance. Check back soon for new articles!


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