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What Causes an Overbite?

What causes an overbite? An overbite is when your upper teeth overlap your lower teeth. An overbite can change how you bite, how your jaw functions, and your self-confidence.

An overbite is a mouth alignment issue. It’s when your upper and lower teeth align more forward than lining up directly in front of each other. Many factors throughout life can cause overbite issues.

Overbites can not only affect your appearance but cause negatively impact your quality of life. Without care or treatment, it can lead to problems later on down the road.

If you think you have an overbite and want to know the causes and how to fix it, be sure to read on. We’ve got all the information you need, which we’ll explore here.

What Causes An Overbite: Genetics

An overbite is a common dental problem when the upper teeth bite too far down over the lower teeth. Various things can cause it, but the most common cause is genetics. If one or both parents have an overbite, their children are more likely to have one. Treatment for an overbite usually involves wearing braces or other dental appliances to realign the teeth.

Overbites can also be caused by teeth grinding, bad oral habits, or a misaligned jaw. In some cases, you can correct an overbite with other orthodontic treatments.

Poor Dental Care

An overbite is a misalignment of the teeth and jaws. Poor dental care can lead to an overbite by allowing plaque and tartar to build up on the teeth and gums. It can cause the teeth to become misaligned and the gums to recede. Over time, this can cause the teeth to protrude forward and create an overbite.

In some cases, You can correct overbites with Invisalign. Invisalign is a clear, removable aligner that is virtually invisible. It is custom-made for each patient and designed to move your teeth into the correct position gradually.

Tongue Thrusting

Various things can cause overbites, but tongue thrusting is one of the most common causes. When a person thrusts their tongue forward during swallowing, it can cause the teeth to shift forward, resulting in an overbite.

Additionally, if a person regularly breathes through their mouth instead of their nose, this can lead to an overbite. Some people are born with an overbite. However, tongue thrusting is one of the most common causes of an overbite.

An Overbite Can Be Corrected

An overbite can be caused by several things, including genetics, early loss of baby teeth, thumb sucking, or improper alignment of the teeth. It is essential to see a dentist or orthodontist to determine the best course of treatment. In some cases, braces may be necessary to correct the problem.

There are a few different things that cause an overbite. No matter the cause, You can usually correct an overbite with braces or surgery.

Whatever the overbite cause, we’re here to help. And if you need more information on caring for your teeth, you can look at these helpful posts.


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