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The Most Important Duties of a School Administrator

When you picture the head of a school, what do you see? Is it someone old and stuck in their ways? Is someone very stern? Is someone not hands-on? If that’s what you pictured, you’re not thinking of a great school administrator.

In today’s world, there’s a lot that goes into the work of an administrator. It’s not about having a clear vision and putting that vision into practice. It’s about navigating people, resources, budgets, and more.

What do the most important duties of a school administrator entail? Read on to find out.

The Administrator’s Role in School Governance

This is one of the most important duties of a school administrator. They are responsible for ensuring that the school runs and that all students receive a quality education.

Besides, administrators must also work with the school board. This is to develop and put in place policies that will benefit the school and the community. The most important duties of a school administrator are to:

Ensure the Safety and Well-Being of All Students and Staff

This means creating and maintaining a safe and secure learning environment. And, responding to emergencies. They need to be sure that all students and staff have the resources and support they need to stay safe and thrive.

By ensuring the safety and well-being of all students and staff. They help create a positive and productive learning environment that is conducive to student success.

Uphold and Enforce School Policies

It is their responsibility to make sure that all students and staff are aware of the school’s policies. And, that they are being followed. This includes ensuring that the school’s code of conduct is being followed.

Ensure that all students are receiving a quality education. And, that the school is a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. The administrator sets the tone for the school and sets an example for everyone to follow.

Manage the Day-To-Day Operations of the School

They ensure that the school is running and that all students and staff are safe and supported. The administrator also works with the school board and the community. This is to ensure that the school is meeting the needs of its students and families.

The administrator handles developing and implementing school policy. And, overseeing the budget and finances of the school.

Representing the Interests of the Community

This includes being an advocate for the students, staff, and parents. The administrator must also be willing to listen to the concerns of the community. And work, with them to find solutions.

The administrator must be willing to communicate with the community. This is to keep them informed of what is happening at the school.

Communicating Board Decisions

They need to ensure that the board’s decisions get communicated to the school community. And do it in a timely and effective manner. This includes sharing information about decisions with staff, parents, and students.

They should be available to answer questions and address concerns about the decisions. By communicating board decisions, the administrator can help to ensure that the school community understands and supports the decisions.

Collaborating with Other Administrators

This collaboration can take many forms, but its essential function is to ensure that the school is running. By collaborating with other administrators, the school administrator can identify areas of improvement.

Also, exchange best practices, and develop creative solutions to problems. This collaboration is essential to the success of the school and its students.

The Administrator’s Role in Student Discipline

The administrator must ensure a safe and orderly learning environment. This is for all students and to enforce the rules and policies of the school. It is the administrator’s responsibility to:

Ensure that Students Follow the Rules

School administrators ensure that students follow the rules. This is to develop, instill, and enforce school rules and regulations. They make sure that they attend classes, do their homework, and be respectful.

It is important to enforce the rules across all students. Students need to know that they will be accountable for their actions. With this, they are more likely to follow the rules and succeed in school.

Address Concerns and Issues

This can get done in a variety of ways. But, one of the most important ways is to meet with stakeholders to discuss their concerns. This can get done through formal meetings, informal meetings, or even a phone call.

The most important thing is to listen to the concern. And then, work with the stakeholders to come up with a plan to address them. This may include meeting with other administrators, teachers, or even outside organizations.

They make sure that the stakeholders feel like their concerns are being heard and that they are being taken seriously.

Follow Appropriate Consequences

This might include meeting with the offending student, parents, or guardians, and developing a plan to address the issue. The administrator may also take other disciplinary action, such as suspending the student from school.

Administrators need to be consistent in following consequences so that students know what to expect if they break the rules.

The Administrator’s Role in Curriculum Development

One of the most important duties of a school administrator is to take part in curriculum development. This includes working with teachers to develop instructional materials.

And, ensuring that the curriculum meets state and federal standards. Below are other administrator duties with the curriculum development.

Reviews and Approves Textbooks

The administrator also reviews and approves textbooks and other instructional materials. Also, the administrator works with the school board to develop and put in place school policies.

Ensuring That the Curriculum Meets the Needs

As a school administrator, one of the most important duties is to ensure that the student’s curriculum needs get met.

This means working with the teachers to make sure that the lessons taught align with the state standards and, are addressing the needs of the students.

It is also important to track the progress of the students to make sure they are mastering the material. If there are students who are struggling, it is important to provide them with the resources they need to be successful.

Setting Standards for Achievement

By setting high standards and expectations, a school administrator can ensure that students get challenged and motivated to reach their full potential.

When students see that their administrator cares about their success, they are more likely to take pride in their achievements. This creates a positive and supportive learning environment where everyone can thrive.

Developing Academic Policies

These policies must align with the school’s mission, vision, and values. They should base on research and best practices. The administrator should consult with teachers, staff, parents, and other stakeholders when developing these policies.

The policies should get reviewed and revised on a regular basis.

The Administrator’s Role in Hiring and Supervising Staff

The administrator’s role in hiring and supervising staff is critical to the success of the organization. The administrator is responsible for ensuring that the organization’s staff is qualified and able to perform their duties in a competent and professional manner. 

They are also responsible for ensuring that the staff is qualified and experienced and that they are able to work together to provide a positive learning environment for students.

Here are the responsibilities of an administrator with the faculty members:

Proper Staff Management Training

It’s the administrator’s job to make sure that all staff support members get the proper training in everything they need to know to do their jobs well. This includes

  • Ensuring staff understand policies and procedures
  • Know how to use any new technologies or resources
  • Improve Staff Skills and Knowledge

Administrators also need to provide ongoing training and development opportunities for staff, so they can continue to improve their skills and knowledge.

Evaluating Teachers

It is the duty of the school administrator to ensure that the teachers get evaluated fairly. The administrator must also ensure that the teachers are aware of the expectations and that they are meeting the standards.

The administrator must support the teachers and help them to improve their skills.

Ensure Effective Communication

An administrator’s most important duties in relation to effective communication are easily accessible and approachable, having an open-door policy, being a good listener, and being able to communicate effectively.

Being approachable and easily accessible ensures that administrators get available to answer questions and address concerns as they arise.

An open-door policy allows for two-way communication and shows that the administrator is approachable and interested in hearing what employees have to say.

A good listener is someone who not only hears what is being said, but also pays attention, understands the message, and responds accordingly. Administrators must communicate effectively to set the tone for effective communication within the school.

Resolve Any Conflicts That May Arise

This includes conflicts between staff members, students, and parents. The administrator must handle these conflicts in a calm and professional manner.

They must be able to listen to all sides of the story and come to a resolution that is fair for everyone involved. This is one of the most important duties of a school administrator because it can help to prevent any further issues from occurring.

Maintain Harmonious Working Relationships

This gets done by ensuring that the educational institutions communicate clearly and openly, and by respecting the rights and needs of all employees.

It is also important to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust and to provide employees with resources and support to do their jobs effectively. 

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Plan and Approve Extracurricular Activities

This is because extracurricular activities play a vital role in the overall development of a child. They help in the all-round growth of a child by providing them with an opportunity to explore new talents and interests, meet new people and develop new skills.

Extracurricular activities also play an important role in the academic development of a child. They provide a break from the rigors of academics and help in the retention of information.

It also helps in the development of teamwork skills and leadership qualities. It is evident that extracurricular activities are important for the development of a child.


They are involved in planning activities, fundraisers, and other events. It is important to make sure that there is a variety of activities available so that all students can find something that interests them.

This can help to keep students engaged in school and can also help them to develop important skills.


This includes everything from after-school clubs to field trips and education programs. When approving these activities, you need to consider the impact they will have on the students, teachers, and parents.

You also need to make sure the activities are in line with the school’s mission and goals.

Learn the Duties of a School Administrator Starting Today

Today, it is more important than ever for school administrators to be knowledgeable about their roles and responsibilities. With the right knowledge, they can make a positive impact on the lives of their students.

This article will give you an overview of the job, and you can learn more about the specific duties of a school administrator.

It’s not going to be easy but with proper knowledge and willingness to achieve your goals, you’ll be efficient in this role starting today!

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