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Qualitative vs Quantitative Research: What Are the Differences?

Scientific research and development as an industry account for a nearly $281 billion market. We rely on this research in our daily lives, the creation of products, and several other aspects of society. If you’re going to get to know research, start by getting to know the main categories – qualitative and quantitative. 

What is qualitative research? what is quantitative research? We’re happy to explain. 

Here’s what you should know about qualitative vs quantitative research and how it can play a role in the findings that you’re seeking. 

Quantitative Research Is Fixed and Measurable

As the root of the name suggests, quantitative research refers to findings that are quantifiable or measurable. If you can count it or put it in fixed categories using the scientific method, you’re dealing with quantitative research. 

In exploring this quantitative research guide, consider some of the following examples:

  • Online and hard-copy surveys
  • Experimental research design
  • Quasi-experimental research design

This method can help you out with any topic that you’re researching. 

Qualitative Research Is Conceptual

When looking at qualitative research, consider the fact that it allows for more conceptual thought than quantitative research. It studies details related to behavior and perspective. 

This requires more space for non-statistical research and insights that require more explanation. It tests concepts that explain how people think and make decisions. 

In breaking down a qualitative research guide, consider the examples:

  • Interviews and case studies
  • Surveys that offer open-ended questions and exploratory language
  • Observing focus groups

Qualitative research plays a large role in shaping policy and the way that we live in communities. 

Qualitative Research Prioritizes the Human Element

When you’re looking into people-oriented research, it’s typically dealing with qualitative studies. It delves into opinion, which is not as black and white as factual research. People’s preferences can be gathered and assessed in ways that require intensive study as to how they reached their conclusions. 

Several segments of life require these sorts of elements, which is why qualitative research tends to play a key role. 

Quantitative Research Prioritizes Closed-Ended Information Without Vagueness

When looking into quantitative research, there’s little to no room for open-endedness. Since it deals with measuring things and coming up with fixed conclusions, it’s necessary to make the questions and responses as closed-ended as possible. 

This type of research works well in systems and any sort of experiment that requires direct outcomes and changes. 

Understanding Qualitative vs Quantitative Research

The tips above will help you out when you’re considering qualitative vs quantitative research. So, now that you understand the differences between these two types of research, you’re well on your way toward understanding the scientific process inside and out. 

These approaches work in all arenas of science and research and will allow you to glean some observations that can pay off for your company. In the meantime, keep tabs on our content. 

Begin with these tips and rely on our site when you’d like to learn more about research, technology, and the scientific method as a whole. 

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