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Intrinsically Safe Radios

Intrinsically safe radios are essential for workers who work in industries prone to hazardous materials. The devices provide additional protection for employees and are the only way to communicate with these employees in dangerous environments. However, this special type of radio must be selected carefully. Listed below are a few factors to consider when choosing an intrinsically safe radio for your needs.

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ATEX Intrinsically Safe Radio (ATEX) devices are radios that provide a high level of protection in hazardous environments. Typically, these radios are used in environments where explosive mixtures may be present, but these will only exist for a short period of time. This allows the users to still be able to communicate effectively. ATEX radios are usually distinguished by colour and distinctive housings.

These radios are ideal for industries where the possibility of explosive atmospheres is common. Typical users of these radios include refineries, petrochemical plants, and process industries. Many oil rigs also employ ATEX radios. The Hytera PD795IS handheld digital two-way radio, for example, has been designed to meet ATEX standards and is a popular choice in these industries.


Intrinsically safe radios are radios that pass UL compliance testing and are suitable for use in hazardous locations. These radios can withstand high heat, water submersion, heavy dust, and proximity to flammable gases or vapors. These radios are often the go-to device for communication during emergencies. The oil and gas industry uses radios that are certified to meet UL Intrinsically Safe standards to protect their personnel. However, there are other environments where UL Intrinsically Safe radios are appropriate.


Intrinsically Safe (CSA) radios are certified for use in hazardous environments, such as petrochemical and chemical facilities. Unlike non-safe radios, CSA radios are also approved for use in environments with flammable vapour or combustible dust. There are two types of CSA intrinsically safe radios: a battery-powered radio and a CSA/FM radio.

Intrinsically safe radios must be specially designed to minimize the risk of sparks and heat from electrical circuits. Additionally, the batteries used in IS radios must be specially designed to prevent short circuiting and static electricity. The radio housing also must be designed to eliminate friction, which could generate static electricity or sparks. Additionally, any accessories must be certified as intrinsically safe.


When it comes to Intrinsically Safe radios, CavCom is one of the most respected names in the industry. From on-site evaluations and FCC licensing support to individual fit testing and product repairs, CavCom has you covered. From a simple switchover to digital operation, our experts can guide you through the process and help you get the best radio for your needs.

Intrinsically safe radios can be a lifesaver in hazardous environments. They can be used in any two-way radio system. They are lightweight and fit comfortably into the ear of the operator. This means they don’t require a boom microphone or headset. Because of their noise-filtering capabilities, they can be used over ear muffs and other hearing protection devices, without sacrificing sound quality.


Hytera Intrinsically Safe Radio Systems are an excellent choice for those working in hazardous environments. These radio systems are designed with countersunk belt clip screws to prevent contact with metal surfaces, which can lead to sparking. Hytera has a full line of intrinsically safe radios for every need. Hytera also manufactures accessories and chargers that are intrinsically safe. For more information about their products, please contact Hytera.

Hytera’s Intrinsically Safe Radios meet the latest safety standards for intrinsically safe radios. They are UL-certified, IEC-Ex certified, and EU-approved for work in hazardous environments. This means that Hytera radios are suitable for use in any type of environment where hazardous materials or other combustible materials can be present.


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