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How To Choose The Best Laser Marker

The Laser Marker is a powerful and versatile tool that enables you to draw and print detailed lines on any surface. Its features include energy efficiency, versatility, no-contact, and fast marking. The Laser Marker is also suitable for marking dark-coloured objects. To choose the best Laser Marker, consider the characteristics of the object to be marked.

For 30 years, the lasitlaser.pl have been creating custom systems for laser marking and engraving. Their laser markers can be equipped with all source types. They have Fiber, UV, Green, CO2, and Picosecond lasers available. They can engrave pieces made from any kind of metal, plastic, or natural material.


No-contact laser marking is a very convenient way to create permanent labeling on various materials. It can mark glass, metal, and plastics. No-contact marking is much faster than stamping and requires no consumables or moving parts. The process is also simple to use, requiring no training or knowledge of chemistry. The process is automated and compatible with most vector software, including Illustrator. The benefits of laser marking are numerous.


An energy-efficient laser marker can help manufacturers reduce their energy costs and increase the efficiency of their processes. Energy-efficient lasers are also more environmentally friendly and can reduce facility waste. In addition, manufacturers can mark directly on individual products, which helps them to keep track of individual parts. Some industries even require laser marking for traceability reasons.

Energy-efficient laser marking technology uses a high-energy beam of light to mark the surface of a component. This beam produces a variety of contrast and depth, and different wavelengths can be used for different part materials. The resulting indelible marks will be permanent and will not wear off over time.


A Laser Marker is an efficient and versatile tool that can perform a variety of processes. They allow companies to mark a wide range of materials and objects without compromising on quality and definition. They also can handle small and delicate surfaces without compromising on the final result. This tool is a great solution for many different industries.

In addition to its many uses, the Laser Marker is flexible and customizable to the substrate material it is applied to. Its versatility and features make it one of the most flexible marking solutions on the market today. In addition to marking plastic and metal parts, lasers can also be used for private labeling and traceability. They provide high contrast and resolution and are ideal for marking plastic, metal, and organic materials.


A fast laser marker is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of industrial applications. They are perfect for marking metal, plastic, and packaging parts. They also offer excellent etching capabilities and have high resolution. The Atomstack M4 uses a 1064nm IR fiber laser to create fast, accurate markings.

Different types of fast laser markers have different features. Fiber lasers are ideal for marking metals, while CO2 lasers are ideal for marking non-metals. And for marking fluorescent materials, MOPA lasers offer flexibility and versatility.

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