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MyNova – Full Guide to Access, Signup My star Login 2022

If you’re finding out at Northern Virginia junior college, then the MyNova platform is crucial for you. Exploiting this portal, you’ll be able to access varied Virginia junior college Systems, together with chalkboard, Canvas, Novaconnect, email, and others. you’ll be able to access all of them while not working on them on an individual basis. this text can guide you if you don’t shrewdness to use the MyNova platform.

Login To MyNova

If you would like to login into the MyNova platform, then follow the steps given below-

  • Firstly, visit the official website of MyNova.
  • Enter your username and word, then click on Log In.
  • Now, you’ll be taken to a page of Canvas, Student Email, and therefore the Student data system. Here you have got to click on VCCS SIS: Student data system.
  • This will take you to NOVAConnect.

How To modification word

These directions can assist you modification your word for NOVAConnect, Student Email and Canvas. constant username and word area unit used for all 3 services, therefore after you modify the word for one, all 3 passwords can modification.

  • Click on the MyNOVA tab on the star home page.
  • Click on the inexperienced MyNova button.
  • Enter your Username and word and click on Log In.
  • Click Account Details within the higher right of the window.
  • Click the modification of your word button

Enter a brand new word that meets the safety standards found on the correct aspect of the page:

  • At least one great letter
  • At least one lowercase letter
  • At least one range (0-9)
  • At least one special character (e.g.` ~ ! @ # $ nothing ^ & * ( ) nine + [ ] – \ / ? : ‘ ,)
  • Press the OK button

Establish VCCS Email Account

Log in to mynova login along with your new word.
Select the Gmail link.
Read and comply with Gmail agreement terms.
Your account is established once you’ll be able to read your Gmail inbox.
Check your student email daily for necessary info.
MYNOVA emails are often forwarded to a private email account by clicking on settings (a gear icon) within the prime right corner of your inbox.
This is the official kind of communication from the star and every notification/information is sent via student email.

What is NOVAConnect?

NOVAConnect is the central location for all of your necessary student info within the Student data system (SIS) at your disposal.

You may manage a variety of tasks with NOVAConnect, together with finding categories, signing up, submitting applications online, dropping or changing courses, creating payments, and managing your personal info within the center.

Click on myNOVA > Log In > click on VCCS SIS: Student data system > click on center to access NOVAConnect, the coed data system (SIS).

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