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Icy Tools Level Up User Expertise & Reduce Anxiety With Unlimited Daily Calls

Icy tools permit you to appear up project breakdowns and browse options and rarities so you’ll be able to create educated entry and exit choices.

You may additionally realize the case addresses of a number of the highest consumers and sellers on the marketplace by browsing the Discover Tab. Access to thorough pages of data for every NFT assortment is on the market with a paid subscription.

this may feature value histories and charts for every NFT. in addition, you’ll be able to get NFT project breakdowns supported by the qualities and rarities of every project.

The NFT Drops Calendar was designed with the intention of helping new coin issuers and advancing the sphere of scientific discipline art.

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How QuickNode helped icy tools, from the founders themselves:

“We aggregate the majority of our information from the blockchain. Blockchain information could be a core piece of our business, and the ability to dependably question that information is crucial.

however, we tend to bump into problems with our volume of requests and bumped into rate limit victimization, not simply public endpoints, but additionally different node service suppliers till we tend to find QuickNode. we tend to switch to QuickNode’s highest-tier Scale setup (though all plans technically have unlimited requests) to backfill our group action information going back many months.

we tend to run these backfills in multiple batches given the degree of knowledge we tend to process, that wasn’t a simple task.. the worth during this, to our users, implies that they will simply question WHO holds what token and the way several distinctive holders a group has once any project is discharged.

we tend to fragmentize through regarding five hundred,000 requests going back months with no problems from QuickNode and still get updates from the blockchain each minute. Overall, their service has been very reliable. you can’t recuperate a rating than with QuickNode for the number of requests we’ve been creating, particularly as we tend to still grow.

I believe it’s additionally over simply the price savings too. We’re a tiny low team thus we’re strapped for time. QuickNode’s team and QuickNode’s Discord channel have helped the United States troubleshoot and correct things that will have taken the United States 10x longer to work out on our own. they’re node specialists, thus having access to it via Discord is astounding.”

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