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How to Black Text on 4Chan

When discussing films, video games, and books on the web, it’s thought polite to avoid making a gift of key plot points. These key plot points area unit referred to as spoilers–so named as a result they spoil the surprise for users World Health Organization haven’t nonetheless experienced the film, game, or book.

To stay plot points hidden on 4Chan message boards, you’ll use “spoiler” tags, that produce a black background behind words and phrases. The result of the black background combined with black text renders the “spoilers” undecipherable unless you place your indicator over the text or highlight it.

Use Black Text On 4chan Spoiler Text

Follow the straightforward steps below to use 4chan spoiler text:

  • Go to the forum on 4chan
  • Click on the choice read thread
  • Select choice Post a Reply
  • In the fill-up type, fill your name or leave it (to post anonymously) and fill in your E-mail id below the choices
  • In the comment section, kind [Spoiler] to open the spoiler tag
  • Type the comment you would like to try to do with black background aka black text
  • Type [/Spoiler] to shut the spoiler tag

What area unit 4chan Spoilers?

what is 4chan, you’ve got to return to the correct place. the website 4chan has completely different boards for a spread of topics. You don’t get to register to affix the website, however, you may get to abide by its laws and rules. Here area unit some tips to avoid being a target of 4chan spoilers:

Black text

Fourchon spoilers area unit hidden texts on a black background. To browse them, merely highlight them along with your mouse. to create the text a lot of clear, you’ll add a spoiler tag. It’s simple to feature spoilers in Fourchon by following these steps. browse on to be told the way to use this feature to your advantage. simply don’t use this technique to browse a picture review! You’ll get to browse spoilers carefully!

When posting on 4chan, you’ll hide key plot points by victimization the spoiler tags. The black text makes it troublesome to browse. To post a spoiler, 1st choose the board that you’re victimization. Then, use the Reply feature to reply to the message. Then, fill out the message’s name, email, and subject. Once the message is printed, you’ll hide the spoilers by victimization the spoiler tag.

You can conjointly use 4chan’s blackout feature to get rid of spoilers. This feature has been created to forestall users from posting spoilers to the forum. Users will value more highly to see solely black text rather than the spoiler. This feature can assist you to avoid reading 4chan spoilers if you’re attempting to safeguard yourself from doubtless offensive posts. However, confine mind that some 4chan users don’t need to share their personal data.


This was a brief article on how you’ll do spoiler texts on 4chan in a few simple steps. I hope you found this text useful spoiler 4chan. this is often a difficulty that is faced by quite a few users. If you’ve got any queries associated with this subject then mention them in the comments.

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