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Story of Lamora Williams – Why She is a defendant for Killing Her 2 Boys

Lamora Williams may be a resident of Fairburn, Georgia. Her youngsters were missing on Gregorian calendar month twenty-eight by her mother, UN agency had not seen them in 2 days. A missing person report was filed and 2 days later, they were dead in her home when she confesses to the murder of her youngsters.

Why She Was Arrested?

Lamora Williams was in remission on 2 counts of murder within the deaths of her youngsters, Ja’karter Penn, 3, and Ke-Yaunte Penn, 1. associate degree investigation into their deaths lasted quite four months. Records from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Channel two Action program that police knowledgeable the family’s home quite thirty times over 3 years.

Only recently did investigators learn that 2 further youngsters were living within the home. nobody knew about the 2 boys — ages 3 and one — till when the children’s mother, Lamora Williams confessed to their deaths.

The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s workplace known Ja’karter Devons Penn in a concert of the sons found dead in his home. the opposite was Ke-Yaunte Darion Penn, 1. Their official reason behind death remains unfinished whereas pharmacology results square measure complete.

“It is as confusing because it is tragic that a mother, UN agency loves her youngsters, would do one thing thus evil to them,” aforementioned lawman Teddy boy Jackson. “I won’t be fast to mention that she was dead innocent. we tend to square measure getting to let the facts lead the U.S.A. therein direction.” lawman Teddy boy Jackson aforementioned that associate degree investigation into the death of another kid reception showed the boy had been dead for 6 months.

He aforementioned he was disturbed that nobody knew concerning the 2 youngsters (ages 3 and one). He aforementioned it wasn’t till a 3rd child; currently, six, visited authorities with a story concerning his missing siblings and their mother’s arrest that officers realized what number youngsters were living within the home.

Lamora Williams Story: She Has Been Mentally Unstable Since Birth

In an associate degree interview with CBS46 Lamora Williams partner Jameel and her mother, Brenda Williams thoroughbred that Lamora has been mentally unstable from a young age. She manifested in varied ways in which like being a slow learner and self-harming herself, and her different sister.

Sometimes, she would bring to an end the pinnacle of their dolls too. In 2014, once she lost her father, her condition go to pot. She became disconsolate as a result of he was her supporter in spite of all. Things got out of hand by the time she was twenty-four which cause her to kill her sons.

She appeared troubled from a young age

Lamora Williams was bothered from a young age. within the fourth grade, she was sent to an alternate college for threatening a boy with a gun. Then she was sent to a different various college for threatening her instructor with glitter glue.

Finally, within the seventh grade, she was sent to an alternate college for fighting with another woman over the color of a boy’s shirt. there have been different things she did that were a lot serious. once she was fourteen, her mother brought her home to inform her that her father die. She was thrown out of college for accidentally pulling the hearth alarm, and she or he even tried to kill.


I’m unsure what ke YOUNGTEEN mum was thinking. After all, her foster youngsters were taken from her at a young age and placed in adopted homes. however, it’s clear she wasn’t a decent mum to them. God can take care of them currently, and therefore the family that adopted ke YOUNGTEEN girl is in shock by this tragic loss of their newborn.

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