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Many people enjoy playing the sonic game because it is an entertaining way to kill time. This Japanese video game franchise follows the adventures of an anthropomorphic blue hedgehog, named Sonic, who battles the evil Doctor Eggman. The game has won many fans and is one of the most played video games worldwide. It is available on almost every gaming system, including Xbox and Playstation. It is also a successful media franchise, with over 60 million worldwide downloads.

The game has a simple plot with a plot that takes place in a small country town, Green Hills. The protagonist, Sonic, struggles with loneliness and finds himself battling against Dr. Robotnik. In response to this, the US military hires Dr. Robotnik, a notoriously mad scientist, to hunt down and capture Sonic. His goal is to use Sonic to revolutionize his army of robots and drones. The plot is a bit confusing, but it is very funny.

This game is packed with new gameplay features and characters. Sonic’s Special Stage is similar to the previous game, but this time he needs to collect colored spheres. He can find them in hidden places in the game, including the Special Stage. You can play as Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles, and save animals as you go. You can also customize your character with many different abilities, and you can play in two or three-dimensional mode.

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