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Sofia Carson – I Know Lyrics From Purple Hearts

You can bet I didn’t know all the Sofia Carson i know lyrics from the Purple Hearts soundtrack. It’s a shame, because Sofia Carson is one of my favorite singers. But even she didn’t know these lines. If you can’t sing like Sofia, don’t worry, because you can learn. Here’s how to learn the lyrics of Purple Hearts songs, and a few of my favorites!

Sofia Carson i didn’t know lyrics from Purple Hearts soundtrack

If you haven’t seen the Netflix film “Purple Hearts,” then you might be surprised to learn that Sofia Carson has written the soundtrack for the film. This multi-award-winning singer-songwriter has songs with over two billion streams and is a UNICEF ambassador. However, many people may not be aware that she is the actress who plays Cassandra Salazar in the film.

This song is actually a sample of what you can expect if you buy the soundtrack to Purple Hearts. The film features actress Sofia Carson and is produced by Tess Wakefield. The movie tells the story of a musician named Cassie who agrees to marry a marine, Luke, in exchange for some military benefits. The relationship between these two turns tragic, and the line between real and fake marriage gets blurred.


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