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What is the Safest Lizard to Have as a Pet?

Lizards are a great introduction to the pet world of reptiles. You will need to do some research on different species and reptile enclosures to learn which will work best for you. It’s important to find a pet that suits your preferences and lifestyle. Leopard geckos are one of the easiest and safest reptile pets to have.

Here are some facts about pet Leopard geckos:

Physical Features

Leopard geckos are fairly small. They range in size from 6-11 inches, depending on the genes and gender of the lizard. These lizards have small, triangle-shaped heads with straight bodies and thick tails.

Leopard geckos do have claws, but their compact size makes them nearly harmless. Their teeth are too minuscule to cause any pain or injury from a bite.

The physical attributes of this lizard make it safe to keep as a pet. They are not venomous, and their sharp teeth and claws cannot cause any permanent injuries.

These lizards may swing their tails when they are fed, which is a harmless trait leftover from their hunting instincts. You can pick up and hold leopard geckos without worrying about being injured, but they may dislike it.


These lizards are known for being calm and agreeable. They rarely bite, only if they feel threatened. Leopard geckos won’t attack you or your child. They can become stressed if they are handled incorrectly. Leopard geckos will emit a barking noise when they feel threatened, but they are unlikely to attack you.

Many reptile owners will put several lizards in one tank, but this is discouraged due to their solitary nature. Leopard geckos are the most active at dusk and dawn, the times that they would hunt in the wild. These are also the first lizards to be domesticated as pets.

You can feel safe with a leopard gecko as a pet. These animals will be fairly docile, even when they are handled. You will need to research how to hold them carefully to avoid triggering their defense instincts. If you are trying to decide on a safe lizard to keep as a pet, leopard geckos are the best option. 


Leopard geckos are very low-maintenance animals. They don’t need special lighting or heating. A leopard gecko diet should consist primarily of insects like mealworms and crickets. They do like licking calcium, so you can put powdered calcium on their insects for a treat.

You should feed the younger geckos every day and the adults every other day to every three days. They can be kept in tanks ranging from 20-40 gallons and should have trees or rocks to use as hideouts.

You won’t have to deal with dangerous tank additions or insects when you’re caring for a leopard gecko. They are safe to care for with minimal needs.

There are a few risks involved, like having the insects get loose before feeding or mishandling the glass tank when you clean it. Young children can easily learn to feed and care for leopard geckos without needing much supervision.

Get the Best Reptile Enclosures for Your Leopard Gecko

Lizards are great pets to have due to their docile natures and low-maintenance needs. The safest lizard to have as a pet is a leopard gecko.

They are somewhat tiny lizards and can be comfortable with a minimum of three hideouts in their reptile enclosures. To make sure that your leopard gecko is uncomfortable and won’t get aggressive, you will need to get a good tank.

If they become too stressed or feel that they are in danger, the gecko may try to attack. These attacks won’t cause any extreme damage because their teeth and claws are quite small.

Make sure you are fully prepared with your reptile tank before bringing the gecko home. They aren’t dangerous to have as pets, but you should make sure that the lizards aren’t at risk of illness or injury. By researching their needs, you and your leopard gecko will be kept safe from any danger or injury.

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