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What Gloves Work with Glove Dryers?

Snow, sweat, and rain can leave your gloves drenched with moisture. This can facilitate the growth of molds, fungus, and bacteria. Investing in a portable and versatile glove dryer can help you keep your gear of good quality for a long time.

How Does a Glove Dryer Work?

All glove dryers work by heating the gloves to vaporize the liquid and blow it away. A blower focuses a large amount of warm air inside the glove for the duration of time the user has input. If the gloves are delicate, there’s an option for drying with low energy levels.  

The best dryers are compact in design, allowing for on-the-go portability and convenient storage. They have an over-molded magnet fixed at the bottom to secure your dryer to any metal surface. 

8 Gloves that Work Well with Dryers

These eight gloves work extremely well with versatile dryers:

1.    Leather Gloves

A known benefit of leather gloves is their ability to trap your body heat from escaping. This allows you to feel comfortable even when you’re out in the cold.

These gloves have quality craftsmanship and superior durability, making them particularly beneficial for handy outdoor activities.

Air-drying your leather gloves using a top-rated glove dryer is the best thing to do after cleaning or using them. Drying leather gloves using a typical clothes dryer is ill-advised as this can cause irreparable damage to the gloves’ seams and membrane.

2.    Cotton Gloves

Cotton gloves are great for protecting your hands from abrasions, light cuts, and dirt during work. They’re washable and can be reused.

The best way to keep cotton gloves in tip-top condition is to air dry them after every wash. Versatile air dryers are perfect for this purpose. They keep mold and bacteria from accumulating inside the gloves.

3.    Fingerless Gloves

The weather may make it uncomfortable to wear full-coverage gloves. A fingerless glove lets your fingers breathe while providing your palms with an extra layer of protection.

Even the best fingerless gloves do get cold and wet. When that happens, you’ll want to have a reliable, portable dryer with you for effective and quick drying.

4.    Snowboard Gloves

Numb fingers can cause problems during a day in the mountains for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Snowboarding gloves are specifically designed to protect your hands from damage due to exposure.

A portable dryer can help to make sure your snowboard gloves are always moisture-free. You won’t have to worry about them retaining water after a day on the slopes.

5.    Extravert Gloves

Extravert gloves are common among outdoor enthusiasts. These gloves typically come with rip-and-stick gauntlet adjustments as well as elasticized wrists to keep out cold air. Some feature soft-shell stretch fabric construction for good dexterity and a comfortable fit.

If you want your extravert gloves to stay dry all day long, consider investing in an all-action, portable glove dryer. All you need to do is carry the dryer to the slopes. It’ll do the rest. 

6.    Kevlar Gloves

Kevlar gloves provide outstanding grip and dexterity, allowing you to interact with a range of outdoor elements without incurring cuts or bruises. They are known for their durability and strength.

The next time you’re wearing Kevlar gloves, make sure you have a way of drying them in case they get wet. A glove dryer can get the job done effectively.

7.    Coated Fabric Gloves

When you’re outdoors, there’s always a possibility of coming into contact with stray materials. This could be anything from jagged materials to reactive chemicals and sticky oils.

Coated fabric gloves provide instant protection against such materials while keeping your fingers comfortable and warm.

Coated gloves can only retain warmth for so long, especially if you’re working in extreme weather conditions. Your dryer can warm the gloves while drying them. A glove dryer can help you maintain the quality of your gloves to give you maximum protection. 

8.    Puncture-Resistant Gloves

Puncture-resistant gloves are specifically designed to protect the hand from punctures or cuts. These gloves appeal to bikers and climbers due to their protective nature. 

You can prolong the life of your puncture-resistant gloves by investing in a portable, all-action dryer. The appliance will come in handy when you need to dry your gloves quickly on the go.

Match Your Favorite Pair of Gloves with a Versatile Dryer

You can invest in a good glove dryer to keep your gloves moisture-free and warm. The best glove dryer is one that’s portable and versatile, just in case you need to dry all your gear in one go. They can connect to the 12V outlet in your car to be transported easily.

These dryers can dry many types of gloves without causing any damage. If you have outdoor gloves like Kevlar or leather gloves, you should consider buying a dryer to keep them in good shape.

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