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How Long Does Drivers Ed Take?

Driver education courses in Washington State and many other US states are customized to students’ needs. Teen drivers might need the full course. Adult drivers with some experience behind the wheels can bypass the basics. Most driving schools offer packaged drivers Ed Washington State courses featuring a specific number of classroom and practical driving hours. So how long does driver Ed take?

Length of Drivers Education for Teen Drivers

Teen drivers can take driver education courses offered as part of the standard curriculum for the school. The option is only available in some schools and takes several months to complete. A much faster route involves taking a course at a state-approved driving school. Driving schools offer unique packages for teens. Learners will need to obtain an instruction permit from the department of licensing before enrolling in the program. Their course also involves basic troubleshooting tips as well. 

The courses feature classroom sessions and up to 50 hours of practical driving, including 10 hours of night driving. Some courses are broken into manageable sessions scheduled around the learner’s availability. Teen drivers can complete their training in as little as six weeks or several months, based on their schedule. Before getting a license, learners must hold the instruction permit for at least six months.

The training begins with obtaining a permit from the Department of Licensing for most teens in Washington. Only learners with a permit can join a driving school. The program selected will depend on the learner’s needs. Learners getting behind the wheel for the first time should take the entire course to grasp the traffic rules and basics of driving. Taking the full course is the best way to prepare for the knowledge test and driving exams.

Length of Drivers Education for Adult Drivers

Adults above 18 years can follow the same steps as teens: obtaining a permit and going through the full course. If you have no experience driving, taking this route is ideal for obtaining a license and becoming a good driver. Adults with experience behind the wheel have other options when looking to get or renew a license. You can schedule a one-hour private lesson to polish your skills for a practical driving test.

Driving schools also feature customizable hourly lessons, so adult drivers can find eight one-hour lessons, four one-hour refreshers, and more. Some driving schools feature online driving courses and defensive driving lessons. Adult packages are flexible like teen courses, so learners can choose the most convenient schedule for them. There’s no standard requirement for adults, provided you pass the knowledge and drive tests.

If you’re driving for the first time as an adult, take the full course, including 50 hours of driving practice. Taking the complete course also suits learners looking to become better drivers or learn driving differences when moving to a new area. Adults with a license can also take defensive driving lessons to improve decision-making and reduce road accidents. If you have hours of behind-the-wheel driving, you can find a convenient course for your needs, schedule and budget. The goal is to become a better driver and retain your license.

Comprehensive Drivers Ed Washington State

Washington State requires all drivers to pass the knowledge and drive test before obtaining a license. The requirements for adults are straightforward, with no mandatory training hours. You can learn enough to pass your tests if you know how to drive. Newbies and teens are better off taking the full course, but everyone has unique needs. The best driving schools in Washington State offer a comprehensive program and flexible packages customized to the client’s needs.

Choose a trustworthy state-approved driving school that provides reliable drivers Ed Washington State course focused on local regulations. Learners looking to enroll in a driver’s education course should outline their needs before choosing a school. Many schools offer packages customizable to the learner’s needs. Thanks to modern technology, driving schools can step away from traditional curriculums into online courses for teens and adults. 

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