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Dates to Remember to Please a Girl

Cooking pots have been hurled at men for smaller mishaps than forgetting anniversaries. Few things infuriate women like a man not remembering simple birth dates, first meets and God forbid, wedding anniversaries. It is not rocket science to remember your girlfriend’s birthday, though extra effort for a guy might be necessary. However, taking note of certain dates can be useful, even saving you from undue drama.

Birthdates & Anniversaries

Forgetting birthdays and anniversaries is a major mishap. After meeting your soul mate on https://meet-your-love.net/ it is crucial to remember dates to prolong relationships.  For a lady, remembering her birthday is cute; remembering the day you met is cuter.

First Encounter

She was furious after hitting her car, or you met online. That is easy to remember as the initial encounter. What about your first dinner and do you remember the date? It is even cuter to remember the first meal you had together, the ins and outs of that meeting. Plan dinner on the same date in the future and ask if she remembers what transpired on that day. Surprise her by showing you cared enough to remember.

First Kiss

Guys and ladies agree this date should be engraved somewhere. Unless you were plastered drunk during the first kiss, remembering this day is mandatory. It should be memorized by default, whether it was a quick French kiss, or a peck on the cheek, right it down. Randomly mentioning this day during other evening dates will be a turn-on. She will be on her toes knowing another kiss might be in order soonest.

Shacking up Together

Maybe you decided on moving in together, after much ado. It was dreamy and everyone came to help. If your relationship with the lady has faced challenges, remembering such dates can help. It makes for great conversations when things seem bleak too. Mentioning the day you moved in together can inspire you to grow in the relationship, and if things are grim, it could be a motivator.


The most obvious date, both for boys and girls, is the birthdate. This can cause enough tension between couples if forgotten and even lead to fights and breakups. Many men have lost girlfriends simply because of dates. If need be, men are advised to write this down or set an alarm or phone reminder. Even if things have been grim between the two of you, remembering her birth date might set things straight.

Family Related Dates

Other important dates left unmentioned are linked to parents. If you’ve been dating a while, you probably went to her folks’ birthdays or their anniversary celebrations. She will be ecstatic knowing you remember the occasion (s) and dates are stored in memory. Better yet, picture her forgetting this anniversary and you reminding her. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing you won’t forget even if she does.


The first day the two of you got intimate might not be that glamorous, or romantic, but it depends on what went down. That first encounter might have set the ball rolling for more intimacy and kids. Remember the date but select the right dates to mention in conversation. If it wasn’t at all glamorous, forget it. Chances are you had a ball and she did too. Why not celebrate it with another night of passion?

Making merry with the ladies is all fun and games till someone forgets anniversaries and such. If you’ve been married for a while, some dates might be immaterial. However, wedding anniversaries should be remembered at all costs. 


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