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Importance of Smart mockups

This month we are bringing you all the newest info about what happened at Smart mockups during the past 4 weeks of February. We’ve got new mockups, features, and updates for you!

Time is passing us by real fast and here we are with a new dose of mockups, features, and updates! This month we are bringing you all the newest info about what happened at Smart mockups during the past 4 weeks of February. We tried our best to listen to your suggestions about what to improve and what new features to adapt. Therefore we added some stunning mockups that range from different types of digitals to beautiful print mockups, great features, and three blog posts that will help you to learn even more about our product.

So go ahead to have a look at all the new stuff and let us know what you want us to focus on the next month

New features that help you create even better product mockups online

Saved mockups (PRO)

One of the highly requested features has been added! Turn on the mockup history in your settings and have your mockups automatically saved every single time you create them so you can come back for a final re-edit!

New category: Social Media mockups!

We’ve got a brand new category of digital mockups for you – Social media mockups. Upload your own asset into a social media mockup to present online marketing campaigns like a pro!

Move & Rotate Custom mockups placeholders

Move & rotate added placeholders in your custom mockup scene without the need to skew and stretch it into the desired location corner by corner.

Faster screenshots

The upload of URL screenshots onto your mockup scene is now faster than ever! Test the speed for yourself. 

Rename your Custom Mockups

Make your design work procedure even more organized and rename your own custom mockups as you like.

60+ new digital & print mockups

Check out all-new mockups on our website!

Use a mockup generator website.

A mockup generator website is an online service that uses stock imagery and AI software to automatically create a mockup from a third-party template. Typically, all the designer has to do is upload their design and the software takes care of all the technical considerations.

This technique is by far the cheapest and easiest solution, but it does come with some drawbacks. The resulting mockup will be unoriginal, and given that many designers will have used the same service, it is not uncommon to see the exact same mockup images cropping up ad nauseam all over portfolio sites. At the same time, this can be useful in a pinch, and unless the client is a purveyor of design mockups, they likely will not mind.

When selecting a service, you will want to consider the following: price, quality, and relevancy. In terms of price, many mockup generators are free to use, though you want to be wary of hidden inconveniences like watermarking or limited template selection. Otherwise, price is usually based around a subscription model, and most of the services I reviewed are in the $10 to $20 per month range.

Research mockups by other designers to make sure you don’t wind up with something common and generic.

Quality can depend on personal taste, but you should spend some time researching mockups that other designers and competitors use to get a feel for what is clever and what is common. You can also use services like Trustpilot to find user reviews to tell you outside of promotional materials how well a service works and how the actual results are like.

Finally, some of these sites specialize in certain types of mockups, and you will need to choose one that will be relevant to your projects, especially if you are purchasing a subscription. For example, Artboard Studio and Mockup Mark specialize in print and apparel mockups. Services like App Mock Up and Mockuuups Studio specialize in digital design mockups. Meanwhile, Smart mockups, renderforest, and Placeit offer general mockup templates for both print and digital.

Tools needed.

– Reliable internet connection.

– * Optional * Membership to a mockup site.


– Free to Low.


– Fast and low effort; no software knowledge necessary.

– Quality can sometimes be close to a custom mockup.


– Results in a generic look with images shared by many designs across the internet.

– The subscription model is only useful if several mockups are needed.

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