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Google announces Android 12L, a feature drop for large-screen devices

Google these days proclaimed a preview of robot Android 12L, which can sound sort of a remake of the robot, however, Google calls it “a special feature drop that creates robot twelve even higher on giant screens.”

The idea here is to supply users on tablets, foldable associate degreed Chrome OS laptops — something with a screen on top of 600 stateless person — with an improved programme.

The developer preview of robot 12L is currently offered for developers WHO need to provide it with an attempt, in addition as a replacement robot 12L human and support for it in robot Studio.

But 12L is additionally for phones, Google says, confusing nobody. Since you won’t extremely see most of the new options there, though, the main focus right away is on alternative devices, with beta enrollments for picture element devices launching later within the preview.

Since Google calls it a ‘feature drop’ and ‘feature update’ in its announcement these days, we’re not gazing a full fork of robot for these devices the manner Apple break up iOS and iPad. Instead, it’s an associate degree update for large-screen devices that introduce extra multitasking tools associated degreed an optimized programme. By default, robot 12L ought to conjointly create apps that look higher on these devices, too.


Specifically, this suggests Google refined however notifications, fast settings, lock screen, summary and also the home screen look on giant screens. System apps on robot 12L have conjointly been optimized, too.

What’s in all probability most fascinating here is that the new multitasking options, with a replacement taskbar that’s a small amount, adore iPad. robot already supported split-screen mode on tablets, however, Google notes that it’s currently additional ascertainable.

you merely drag associate degreed drop an icon from the taskbar onto the screen to invoke it. This conjointly means that each app on the robot is currently enabled to support split-screen mode (something that the developer antecedently had to opt-in to).

Google plans to unleash 12L early next year, “in time for the subsequent wave of robot twelve tablets and collapsable.” we must always in all probability expect to listen to loads concerning robot tablets and collapsable at MWC then.

In addition to robot 12L, Google conjointly these days proclaimed new options in OS and Play for developers to higher support these devices. These embody updates to its Material style steerage for large-screen devices, however, conjointly updates to Jetpack Compose to form it easier to make for these machines and to confirm that apps will additional simply adapt to varied screen orientations and sizes.

robot Studio is additionally obtaining a resizable human to assist developers to take a look at their apps on a wider sort of screen sizes and a replacement visual linting tool to surface UI warnings and suggestions once the layout has problems.

As for Google Play, the corporate can currently check apps against its giant screen app quality tips and its search rankings can take the results of this into consideration. “For apps that aren’t optimized for big screens, we’ll begin warning giant screen users with a notice on the app’s Play Store listing page,” Google says.

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