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5 Of The Best Offline Shooting Games For Android in 2021

Best Offline Shooting Games: Our Top Pick

Dead Effect2

This is a very interesting shooting game that can be played on any Android phone. The original Dead Effect was a competent shooter.

The Dead Effect 2 is the improvised version of the predecessor. This game has improved on every field. There are amazing graphics, high-octane gameplay, and surely a great story that keeps the player absorbed in it.

It also includes many enjoying features. It is a shooting game that is horror-themed and can be played for hours. There are numerous gadgets and weapons available in the game.

The player can play the game for nearly twenty hours as a single-player which keeps the player very excited and fascinated. It is among the best Offline Shooting Games available on Android phones that can be played offline.

2. Blazing Sniper

In this best Offline Shooting Games list of top searched games, Blazing Sniper is the most lifelike game that can be played on any Android phone. It includes easy controls and high-quality graphics.

The player gets the feeling of a sniper while playing this game. The player is to join special forces to protect the people and the nation from dangerous viruses and attacks.

The player has to team up with other friends and using their great sniping skills needs to take out the enemies and kill them. The player will have lots of fun playing this and will remind him of the Sniper series.

There are more than fifty shooting task options & endless modes available. There is even the option to choose a weapon of personal liking and kill the enemies.

An individual who likes sniper games, then this shooting game is a very interesting option available with no advertisements. 

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3. Major Mayhem 2

The original Major Mayhem game was the side-scrolled game of shooting where the player had to shoot out everything that was in motion.

The new version- Major Mayhem 2 is formed based on the predecessor but includes various new missions. The player had to gather hundreds of enemies and shoot them to save dozens of the hostages. There are seven unique guns in the game.

Each gun has its style of shooting which makes it interesting for the player to use. The graphics of the game are colourful and the player does not get bored while playing continuously.

It is very relaxing and as it can be played when there is little time to relax. The game just needs to be launched and then started which makes it add to our best Offline Shooting Games list.

4. N.O.V.A. Legacy

This game comes among the very popular games of Offline Shooting Games that can be played on a smartphone. This new version has a special position among the top offline shooting games that can be downloaded from Play Store.

It even has the facility to start from the exact point where the player last left. The mission of the game is to defeat the forces of the Colonial Administration.

Along with the normal mode of the game, it also introduces a new mode of Deathmatch, where the player can fight with players online worldwide.

This new model is liked very much by many because it allows the player to understand the views as a third person about the strategies to kill the enemy. The game plan is the same but still does not make the player bore. The size of the game is under forty MB.

5. Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 is similar to its original version along with enough options available to combine FPS features that give a unique and interesting experience to the player while playing.

The game is an endless one with no limits on levels. The player has to fight and survive in a world full of zombies and also save his family. There are options in the weapons to be used. The player has to collect the weapons and upgrade them.

He has to make friendship with loyal dogs which will help him in his journey to save the family. There are seven different kinds of endings of the game that affects the result. For anyone who loves endless running and shooting games, this is the best option.

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