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Understand A-to-Z of 5 lakhs personal loan eligibility criteria in India

Be it an urgent purpose or anticipated situation, the requirement for emergency funds may manifest in various avenues. There are a number of well-reputed and authentic banks and NBFCs who are recently offering personal loans conveniently to meet the urgency of funds.

This urgent loan can help you meet critical or anticipated monetary requirements.

Advantages of obtaining 5 lakhs personal loan from Indian banks & NBFCs:

  • Rs. 25 Lakhs loan available:

Some financial institutions are there that eventually offer a personal loan value worth Rs. 25 lakhs. This is possible if you successfully meet their obligatory eligibility criteria and submit personal loan documents.

So whether to fun your marriage, higher education, emergency medical treatment, or start off a new venture – some Indian banks and NBFCs offer easy and convenient personal loans. It is an extremely and impressively straightforward alternative to accomplish your personal expenses.

  • Economical interest rates & flexible pay off tenure:

Some Indian banks and NBFCs offer some enthralling yet competitive interest rates for personal loans starting from 11.99%. It is conveniently bearable for personal loans.

In addition to it, you will receive a flexible tenure period between 12 months to 60 months to pay off the Rs. 5 lakh personal loan amount. Besides, the loan type also assures you never miss any pay-off installments with economical EMI rates.

  • Swift approval of the personal loan process:
  • You can conveniently check your 5lakhs personal loan eligibility with the help of the personal loan EMI Calculator.
  • The application for a 5lakhs personal loan is straightforward online.
  • No rush to visit the physical branch.
  • Submit all paperless documents online and wait for the approval.
  • The lender takes less time to approve the loan if your papers are authentic.

In general, the approval process of 5 lakhs personal loans takes about 24 to 72 hours. In some cases, it may delay for some reasons that lenders can explain.

Your 5lakhs personal loan will get transferred into your registered bank account if the lender finds all papers authentic and accurate after verification. It takes hardly 24 hours to verify and approve.

The method to appeal for a 5lakhs personal loan-

The application process for a 5lakhs personal loan is effortless and painless with Indian banks and NBFCs. You solely have to follow the start to end guidelines:

  • Fill in Your Application: An applicant requires to fill up the 5 lakh personal loan application with accurate pieces of information. You also have to e-sign and submit it online. It is your liability to confirm the information you have furnished is true. It should be relevant to professional, personal, and employment details to the best of your knowledge.
  • Document Upload: Once you confirm your eligibility and pre-assessment process with your lender officer, you can continue with the document upload process online.
  • Loan Disbursal: When your lender receives the application form along with proper documents, they will send an accountable loan executive from the concerned department to get in touch with you within a designed timeline.
  • Before: the disbursal process, you can discuss and outline your options on a 5lakhs personal loan regarding the best possible interest rates, and flexible EMIs with convenient pay-off tenure.

Minimal eligibility for 5lakhs personal loan-


  • Salaried individuals
  • Self-employed or business persons
  • Professional individuals


The lowest age of the applicant should be 18years, and the peak age should be 65years.

Minimum income requirement:

  • A salaried person should earn a minimum of 25,000/-
  • A self-employed professional should annually earn 5,000,00/-


There are various banks and NBFCs to help you with a 5lakhs personal loan. They eventually offer different 5 lakhs personal loan eligibility criteria standards with customized EMIs and tenure. However, your interest rates will entirely depend on your tenure and how you design your repayment option.

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