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The best 5 tips while online shopping

Online shopping is becoming a trend these pandemic days. It’s a convenient way to shop, find the best prices and there are a lot of choices in front of you while choosing your favorite product.  You need a place where shopping is scam-free. Delivery is fast. Returns are easy.

In this age of pandemics, where going outside with gloves and mask is not safe, online shopping is the best choice. 

Moreover, you just need to choose your desired product and you will find your 13 pro max at your doorstep.  You just want to be sure that you get your products on time, that quality is what you expected, and your product must follow a return policy. Also, you need to save yourself from online scams and the leakage of your personal information. 

Here I am sharing some tips that will keep you safe while shopping.

Essential Tips 

  1. Always choose a secure website for shopping

Before finding a website for shopping, make sure that your PC or mobile is safe from malicious software or viruses. Because if your PC or mobile has a virus it means your financial information will be at risk.

While shopping, make sure that the website you are using has a secure connection as it starts with “HTTPS” and has a space-locked icon before it starts and also doesn’t enable cookies as it contains your information after you logged out. You can check a secure website like this. Some well-known websites for online shopping are

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Rakuten
  • Apple
  • Ali Baba 
  • Etsy Etc.
  1. Avoid to get offer seems to be good

As you are familiar with “All glitter is not gold” so don’t rush toward an offer that seems exceptional. Any website that offers a product at very cheap rates then chances that the quality of the product will not be good.

If you think the offer is great then make sure that you can return your product in case you didn’t get your desired products. For example, the Price of an iPhone is 3000$, and an online store giving you a 50% offer on it, seems to be too good but they intend to separate you from your hard-earned money. Many teenagers become victims of such fraudulent offers.

  1. Use of vouchers and gift cards

Always read terms and conditions while using any gift voucher or gift cards. Make sure that the card of the website you are using is legitimate and has no hidden costs or conditions there. Remember, gift cards are just for gifts not for payments.

If someone calls you and says that you are selected for a gift voucher and you have to pay a little amount for that I can bet that there is a scammer behind this. Scammers make amazing stories to hack your mind for a particular scam.

  1. Avoid using public WiFi

Consumers should never use public WiFi while sharing their sensitive and personal information. Public WiFi often has malware or “man in the middle” attacks.

If you are not connected to secure WiFi, switch to your phone’s 3G or 4G internet for a secure connection and to stay safe while online shopping. Public WiFi is also used to distribute malware among users so, you should be aware while using public WiFi.

  1. Use credit cards

Don’t use a debit card while shopping as it has some security risks. When you enter your credit card number, three-digit security codes, and expiration date in a public cafe, just think that you are inviting scammers yourself. Use sites you trust, and already have your credit card information stored. 

Even more, consider keeping a credit card only for shopping and online transactions so if your card is hacked or your information is stolen you can quickly shut it down and your other transactions are not affected. 

Always check shipping terms and conditions as some merchants add excessive shipping fees that turn your shopping bargain into an expensive mistake. Also, don’t place an order if shipping will not be made within 10 days as it also may be a scam.


Now if you want to purchase something through online websites keep these tips in mind, so avoid scams and you will get your desired product. Be careful while shopping online to avoid any embarrassment or issue.

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