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5 Common PS5 Issues And Their Solutions

Ps5 is something that is a very important part of most people’s lives. Ever since the PS5 online in Karachi was released, it has become the most precious part of people’s belongings, especially for those who are into playing games a lot. PS5 has all the new gaming updates that make your gaming expiries even more interesting. However, new updates come, new problems, and understanding these problems is very important because they can occur at any time; you should know you will have to deal with them. Following are some of the PS5 problems and their solutions you need to learn about

Dual sense drift

Dual sense drift is the problem when your controller is moving on its own. You cannot pay for the game. In such an issue, it is very hard to tell if such an issue has been spread or not. So dealing with it is very important and should be done at that time. 

  • Try to identify which control stick isn’t working and clean it with the help of rubbing alcohol, and do it very gently.
  • See if the firmware in your controller stock is updated or not. Sometimes these updates are necessary. 
  • Try resetting your controller by inserting a pin in it, holding it for a few minutes, and then starting again. 

Power issue with PS5

There can be a power issue with your ps5 as well. Sometimes the ps5 can hang in between you and lose the power altogether, making it very hard for the PS5 users to play smoothly. When such a problem occurs, some people are not even able to restart their ps5. If anything like this ever happens, you can either troubleshoot the ps5 or can also consult the PlayStation website to check if your ps5 needs a repair or not. 

Overheating of PS5

One of the other problems that come with the ps5 is that it can be overheated., when you are using it for some time, it can very easily become heated. Running such a ps5 is nearly impossible. A soon as your ps6 is overheated, you will start getting error messages which are very difficult to ignore. Dealing with such a problem is easy and simple because you have to ensure that it doesn’t get overheated. Following are some of the things you can do to ensure that your ps5 doesn’t get overheated.

  • Make sure to no place your new PS5 online in Karachi in a cabinet because there will be no air in an enclosed space, and your ps5 can easily become overheated. 
  • Don’t cover it up with the help of a cloth. 
  • The fan present in it is under the faceplate, so it doesn’t get blocked, so try not to place it so that it gets blocked because then the PS5 will get overheated fast. 
  • Even if you are losing it on a table; you have to ensure a little space between PS5 and the wall. 

Dysfunctional camera

In some cases, the camera of your PlayStation is not working. For some of the games, it becomes impossible for them to resolve it in a single day.  There can be many reasons why it is not connecting, and you can resolve these issues in the following way

  • Make sure that you have a dedicated adaptation for the camera in ps5. 
  • Try to adjust the camera’s angles; otherwise, it won’t show the face. 
  • Make sure you are sitting in a bright room for the camera to work properly. 
  • Check the camera settings on your ps5 as well. 

Unable to connect PlayStation network

it will be impossible for you to work if the PS5 isn’t connected to your PlayStation network. This way, you won’t be able to download more games on it. There are two things to check when there is a network issue. 

First of all, you need to check your internet connection because if the internet connection is not good, it can cause network problems. You can also see the network status of PlayStation, and if that isn’t working, you will still get this network connection error. You can get help from where you bought PS5 online in Karachi. These were some of the common problems that people face with PS5. 


These were some of the common problems that people face with PS5. As long as the solution is available with it. Even if it hasn’t happened to you yet, it can and you need to be prepared to solve these problems. 

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